02. 06. 2018 | Clubshow Polna CZ | R: Mark Boswell (UK)

Exc1 CAC
lovely, smart throught out, pleasing head, good ear placement, well body with pleasing legs and feat, well ... with plenty of coat covering, cat topline on move and super tail carriage

  20. 05. 2018 | Clubshow Bac SK | R: Sally Ellison (UK)

15 months old, sweet head, blue and tan, kind expression, good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, deep short coupled, muscled quarters, sound true movement, merry

  12. 05. 2018 | CACIB Wieselburg A | R: Eva Feszeghyova (SK)

top quality female with a beautiful head, scissors teeth, long neck, good topline, very good strong body, very well angulated, nice tailset, very good forechest, super rear, straight legs, nice coat and moves very well

  07. 04. 2018 | CACIB Salzburg A | R: Lisbeth Mach (Swiss)

1 Jahr, obere Größengrenze (Anm: nicht korrekt, Izzy ist mit 37 cm Schulterhöhe an der unteren Größengrenze), ein tatsch maskulin, gepflegtes Haarkleid, annehmbare Außenlinie mit annehmlichen Rücken, etwas zu gut genährt, vorzüglicher Hals, klassischer Hals, in allen Teilen korrekt, in der Bewegung etwas mehr Ausstrahlung, gutes Rutenspiel

  11. 02. 2018 | CACIB Nitra SK | R: Eva Feszeghyova (SK)

judgereport in SK

  10. 02. 2018 | CACIB Nitra SK | R: Milos Kaspar (CZ)

judgereport in SK

  13. 01. 2018 | CAC Brno CZ | R: Milos Kaspar (CZ)

judgereport in CZ


  9. 12. 2017 | Advent-Clubshow Brno CZ | R: Dusko Piljevic (SRB)

attractive girl of excellent type, size, balance for her age, beautiful feminine head and expression, lovely markings, correct neck and shoulders, enough bone, lovely round ribs, enough forechest, excellent topline, tailset and carriage, very sound mover, well presented

  2. 12. 2017 | IHA Wels A | R: Linda Volarikova (SK)

Exc1 Juniorwinner
Correct breed type, good size, slightly longer in shape, excellent bones and substance, lovely muzzle, skull slightly falling away, excellent neck, very well angulated both ends, excellent ribcage and forechest, a bit longer loin, sufficient topline, excellent tail, moves well, nice presentation

  9. 11. 2017 | WDS Leipzig D | R: Regine Sommer (D)

Exc, shortlisted under top 8 of 23
no judgereport

  3. 9. 2017 | Jubilee-Clubshow Schloss Zeillern A | R: Milos Kaspar (CZ)

Very promising 1 (puppyclass)
Excellent type, excellent size, good substance, typical nice feminine head, excellent topline, well sprung ribs, correct angulation, excellent movement, good temperament

  26. 8. 2017 | Speciality-Clubshow Malacky SK | R: Eva Felszhegyova (SK)

Very promising 1 (puppyclass)
Translated from SK: beautiful bitch in lovely type, strong bone, beautiful size, beautiful muscles, very beautiful forchest, nice presented and moves well

  10. 6. 2017 | Spaniel-Clubshow Stapar SRB | R: Michael Masters (UK)

Very promising 1, Baby-Clubwinner
Baby-BOB, Baby-BIS
lovely color, good front construction, well ribs, short in the loin, well angulated quarters, moves sound and happy