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born on december 5th, 2022 | 1 boy in blueroan/tan, 5 girls in blueroan

Back to particolor :-) I actually expected Emilia to be in season in early 2023, but it usually comes different than you think. So Emilia came into season a lot earlier and I decided to mate her now, because I don't want to have any puppies in summer next year - I also need a vacation for myself and be able doing different activities with my dogs. This time I decided to mate Emilia with Darky and everything worked out well. Emilia managed the birth very independently, she gave birth to 5 of the 7 puppies within an hour. Unfortunately we lost one girl after 6 days due to an incorrect milk recommendation from other breeders. Thanks to the extremely professional help of the Reprovet Clinic and their doctor Valentina, the other puppies were saved.

Manjuno's Toward The Rainbow Miss Pink female blueroan/tan
Manjuno's T... Miss Violet female blueroan 236 g
Manjuno's T... Miss Red female blueroan 245 g
Manjuno's T... Miss Rosa female blueroan 194 g
Manjuno's T... Mr Green male blueroan/tan 243 g
Manjuno's T... Miss Lime female blueroan 169 g
Manjuno's T... Miss Mint female blueroan 233 g

Pictures of the puppies

First days | 1 week old | 2 weeks old | 3 weeks old

4 weeks old | 5 weeks old | 8 weeks old | 10 weeks old

11 weeks old | 12 weeks old | Videos | Moving of our T's

Pedigree of the puppies





IntCh, MultiCh
Manjuno's Dark Temptation

HD A, Patella clear
PRA, FN & AON clear
IntCh, MultiCh
Phil Maris Dandy Devon
Phil Maris Gavroche
Bitcon Matchpoint
Fils Merilyn Maris
Phil Maris Driada
Stocdale's Dragon Sonata
Uni Felitche
Manjun's About A Girl
Worlewood In It To Win It Lynwater Rising Glow
at Ryallcourt
Worlewood Sunshine
IntCh MultiCh
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star
Mistily's Chatterbox
Dan-L's Wise Portia
Manjuno's Imprint of Thoughts

HD A, Patella 0/0
PRA A, FN & AON clear
Dash of Magic My Own Dream
Cassom Just'N'Times
Charbonnel Life'N'Times
Cassom Calamity Jane
Marveil Ziguli GB-ShCh
Lindridge Star Quest
Cassom Clarissa with Marveil
Int-CH, Multi-CH
Manjuno's Beauty Fame
Phil Maris Dandy Devon
Phil Maris Gavroche
Phil Maris Driada
Int-Ch, Multi-Ch
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star
Mistily's Chatterbox
Dan-L's Wise Portia