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born on 4th june 2015, 6 boys, 1 girl, all blueroan

Gracie and Mr. Macho have best healthresults. Both have A-hips, are free from hereditary eyediseases and are PRA and FN clear. Too both have great results on dogshows!

For this reason the Austrian Spanielclub gives us the Elitebreedingcertificate for this breeding!

On evening of 4th June Gracie gave birth to 6 boys and 1 girl.
It took 3,5 hours and everything went well without problems. Gracie did very great with giving birth first time and she is a super careful mum!
I'm very happy about our little footballteam and our princess!

If you are interested in a little Manjuno's, please contact me!

Manjuno's Cute'N'Famous Mr. Violet Jimmy Male blueroan 16:55 327 g
Manjuno's Cute'N'Blue Mr. Black Blacky Male blueroan 18:00 347 g
Manjuno's Cute'N'Classic Mr. Blue Blue Male blueroan 18:20 278 g
Manjuno's Cute'N'Joyful Mr. Pink Capper Male blueroan 18:30 292 g
Manjuno's Cute'N'Popular Mr. Grey Lenny Male blueroan 19:20 292 g
Manjuno's Cute'N'Special Miss Princess Leni Female blueroan 20:05 325 g
Manjuno's Cute'N'Handsome Mr. Red Calayan Male blueroan 20:20 305 g

Manjuno's Cute'N'Special
Miss Princess

Manjuno's Cute'N'Famous
Mr. Violet

Manjuno's Cute'N'Blue
Mr. Black

Manjuno's Cute'N'Classic
Mr. Blue

Manjuno's Cute'N'Joyful
Mr. Pink

Manjuno's Cute'N'Popular
Mr. Grey

Manjuno's Cute'N'Handsome
Mr. Red

Pictures from our puppies

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4 weeks old | 5 weeks old | 7 weeks old

8 weeks old | 9 weeks old | 10 weeks old | 13 weeks old

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Pedigree of the puppies





Macambo Mr. Macho

PRA A, FN clear
Uzzio de Vaccares
Nuage Bleu de Vaccares
Irreel de Vaccares
Jinger de Vaccares
Souzia de Vaccares Blenkarn Vagabond King
Ouzia de Vaccares
Macambo Ladylike
Blickfang vom Schloss Hellenstein
Terriles Tysilio
Zirkusprinzessin vom Schloss Hellenstein
Macambo Daisy H-JCH
Rossini of Draten
Macambo Viny
Manjuno's Amazing Grace

PRA A, FN clear
Worlewood In It To Win It Lynwater Rising
Glow At Ryallcourt
Lynwater Seahaze
Lynwater Evening Glow
Worlewood Sunshine Worlewood Aint No
Castanea O'So Blue
Int-CH, Multi-CH
Make Me Smile
from Luna's Star
Mistily's Chatterbox
Mistily's Amber Gambler
Charbonnel Grace'N'Favour
Dan-L's Wise Portia GB-CH
Manchela Blue Lagoon
Dan-L's It's About Time

Pictures from Daddy of our Puppies:


3.+5.4. 2015 / Deckung
Gracie had two dates with Mr. Macho! This two liked each other from first moment and they started quickly. Gracie was so great at her first mating, she was really a good girl, standing calm all the time (which is very rare moment, if you know Gracie hihi). First mating was 30 minutes, second one was 50 minutes.

6. 5. 2015 / US-Appointment
Today was the big day. We were at ultrasound and we saw little puppies in Gracie's belly! *happy*

22. 5. 2015 / Tag 49
Now you can see that Gracie is pregnant. She is eating very well and is sleeping a lot.

29. 5. 2015 / Tag 56
Gracie's belly exploded now. First I thought that she will get 4-5 puppies, but now it looks like more :-) But eating is never a problem for Gracie, also when puppies are pressing a lot on her stomach. When Gracie is relaxed we can feel the little ones playing football in her.

30. 5. 2015 / X-Ray
Today we visited the vet for x-ray to count the number of puppies. It is for me always a bit less stress to know how many puppies Gracie should give birth and when she should have finished her birth. And we saw 7 little Cockerheads ... a really big chaos in her belly :-)

31. 5. 2015 / Tag 58
Now Gracie's puppies could come every time. Gracie is moving with her big belly, she too is playing a bit with Juno and she is eating her meals without problems.

4. 6. 2015 / Tag 62
Gracie's belly is sooooo big. Now Gracie doesn't want to eat any more, she is panting a lot and she doesn't want to leave the whelping box anymore. We are waiting for the start.